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About Us

Learn more about the company and how we got started

Who We Are


With decades of experience in financial services and healthcare, we were born data-native. We built initiatives driven by machine learning models before they became popular. We know the value that artificial intelligence can bring to improve ROI. Value creation through applied artificial intelligence is our singular focus.

We offer an expansive view on industry best practices, encompassing retail, fast moving consumer goods, utilities, energy and more. Our sandbox is global, spanning 3 continents: the US, Asia, and Europe. Our experience includes work with some of the best-loved and most admired global brands. We provide artificial intelligence thought leadership for think tanks, press outlets, and global conferences.

Our Pursuit

Our pursuit is meaningful applied artificial intelligence. This means we’re passionate about applying artificial intelligence to your business in a way that produces results.

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Why Work with Us?

We are a strategy firm who knows how to execute. Data guides us, the customer experience directs us.

Real Practitioners
We are practitioners with actual industry experience. We have a deep understanding of business challenges which allows us to diagnose problems and offer solutions that move the needle.

We also understand the technologies that underpin artificial intelligence. We can translate business problems into actionable workflows that applied artificial intelligence technologies can solve.

Deep Network
Over the years, we’ve built a powerful network of emerging and expert talent, AI powered companies, and academia. We offer our clients a well-curated network of start-ups and resources to move your AI projects forward.

Varied Industries
We’ve worked in a variety of different industries and are a trusted partner to tier 1 consultancies and global brands. More importantly, we know how to fortify businesses to be ready for this artificial intelligence age.

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