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making artificial intelligence actionable: A compass for leaders


Artificial Intelligence has rapidly evolved in the last few years, offering businesses a myriad of opportunities to improve day-to-day operations, increase ROI, and reduce cost. Yet the world of AI is vast so it is challenging for leaders to determine the best ways to harness the power of AI.

Much of the AI literature that exist today is designed for the technical expert. Few resources are designed for executives and most lack the ability to bridge the gap between technical theory and concrete action. So Making Artificial Intelligence Actionable: A Compass for Leaders addresses this gap.


Whether a company is further along in its AI journey or still in its nascent beginnings, there is a very real need to help decision makers make AI actionable and scalable. Companies struggle to build teams, design pilots, and then scale, resulting in a gap between ambition and action. To add to the confusion, with every company claiming to offer AI, how does one pick a solution that corresponds to an actual business need? 

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In a time when AI is needed more than ever to deliver efficiencies, this guide cuts through the clutter and provides a pragmatic roadmap to execution. Making Artificial Intelligence Actionable: A Compass for Leaders provides business leaders and executives who have non-technical backgrounds a clear roadmap of how to build an AI strategy. 


This guide outlines frameworks for AI applications, from the initial discovery, to applying AI in a variety of functions (from marketing to operations and more), to pilot program options inspired by AI use cases, potential AI solutions, and a shortlist of vendors. Making Artificial Intelligence Actionable: A Compass for Leaders shares concrete tools to use when integrating AI into the enterprise to become more efficient and profitable. 


If you are looking for concrete steps to make AI a reality in your enterprises, this guide will help. There are several things you will learn from Making Artificial Intelligence Actionable: A Compass for Leaders:

  1. How to assess your company’s AI maturity and how to improve it 

  2. How to determine which functions in your business are suited for AI application

  3. How to move from strategy to execution––listing use cases and specific tools

  4. Advice on picking AI vendors that correspond to your business needs

Future versions will address industry verticals and build out as well as broaden AI use cases across functions.

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